Our VoicesDMV Community Action Award,

We are excited to announce that The Mothers Outreach Network has won the Our VoicesDMV Community Action Award, presented by Comcast. This award provides micro-grants to individuals and nonprofits who are working to improve their region. This community engagement initiative was launched in 2017 to help address challenges in the DC region and has been a powerful tool in community engagement and civic leadership. We won this award for our Mamas Together Mutual Aid Community Survey Project. With the micro-grants help, this project aims to support and empower women who find themselves in the most dire circumstances. We will do this by conducting a digital survey to create awareness and measure the need for a food and supplies bank for the most marginalized moms of several neighborhoods in dire need. The areas we will address are the Potomac Gardens area and surrounding neighborhoods on Capitol Hill, Southwest Waterfront Areas, and Edgewood Brookland neighborhood.