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Melody Webb is the founder and President of Mothers Outreach Network

MON’s January 6, 2016 Consumer Law Workshop Article

President’s Note

Our community workshops are a critical manifestation of our mission. They help women access the tools of financial information to improve their economic security and that of their communities. Moreover, these workshops provide us an opportunity to share and to learn. We look forward to future collaborations with issue experts like the DC Office of the Attorney General as well as future partnerships with centers such as Jefferson Academy Middle School, where mothers and families gather. Melody Webb

Recapping “Understanding Consumer Law”: A Meeting with Parents, by Lisa Thomas

On January 6, 2016, Mothers Outreach Network joined with … Read more

Skip Child Support. Go to Jail. Lose Job.

Walter Scott’s shooting death while he was fleeing the police was allegedly due to his fears of arrest related to unpaid child support.  This theory is prompting an examination of local child support enforcement in the United States.  Many states across the country are incarcerating primarily destitute parents for failure to pay child support, making it harder for the parents (primarily non-custodial fathers) to pay child support.  One study found that low income men are ordered to pay an average of 83% of their income for support while upper income men are order to pay a lower percentage.… Read more