Mothers Outreach Network (MON), is a 501(c) (3) organization to mobilize African American mothers subject to systems of disempowerment such as the foster care system and the criminal justice system, to uplift them from a socio-economic structure that inadequately addresses their full potential for economic independence. It advances economic security for women and families through social justice education, grassroots mobilization, and legal advocacy, focused on disadvantaged African American women in Washington, D.C.’s underserved communities. MON is currently an all-volunteer run effort.

Universal Basic Income

Mothers Outreach Network is working to convene a group of individuals and organizations to arrange pilot programs for basic income in Washington DC.

Sign our Petition!

Sign our petition to have Mayor Muriel Bowser join Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

March Meeting

Sign up for our Zoom meeting on Thursday March 18th, at 5 pm.  Click here to registe

New Grant

We have been chosen as  one of the recipients  of the Our Voices DMV Community Action Awards, from the Greater Washington Community Foundation.



 Mutual Aid

Saturday February  27th, 3 pm to 4pm

Contact-free drop off for donations of household goods at Ionia Whipper Home

2000 Channing Street NE, Washington DC

thumbnail_February 27th Mutual Aid Final

This is a measure whose time may have finally come! Biden’s plan should be passed on a permanent basis to attack poverty, support parents and caregivers, and promote dignity! #ubi https://theconversation.com/child-poverty-in-the-u-s-could-be-slashed-by-monthly-payments-to-parents-an-idea-proved-in-other-rich-countries-and-proposed-by-a-prominent-republican-decades-ago-155015

Dignity is allowing mothers to make choices that fit the needs of their families. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/18/opinion/theres-no-natural-dignity-in-work.html

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